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Kuragakoi Rishiri Kombu

● Our signature, one and the only cellar preserved Rishiri Kombu

● Essential ingredients for Kaiseki Cuisine in Kyoto

● Mainly used for making premium Dashi with elegant flavor

● Aged for 1+ years using Kuragakoi technique

● Harvested at Rebun Island or Rishiri Island in Hokkaido

● Four different grades; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

● Package unit: 500g

Ma Kombu / Yamadashi Kombu

● Essential ingredients for curing food especially seafood (Kobujime or Kombujime)

● Also used for making Dashi

● Also produced as Shiraita Kombu, Tororo Kombu, Oboro Kombu by shredding or shaving

● Harvested at the southern beach in Hokkaido

● 1st grade only

● Package unit: 500g

Rausu Kombu

● Mainly used for making strong Dashi and curing food

● Also used for making simmered Kombu

● Harvested at the northeast beach in Hokkaido

● 3rd grade only

● Package unit: 500g

Hidaka Kombu

● Mainly used for making simmered dishes or Kombu garnish

● Essential ingredients for Japanese Oden or Kombu roll (Kombu Maki)

● Harvested at the mid-south beach in Hokkaido

● 1st grade only (Premium beach and Standard beach)

● Package unit: 500g

Tororo Kombu (Shredded Kombu) & Oboro Kombu (Shaved Kombu)

● Hand shaved or shredded Ma Kombu

● 3 different types

● Oboro Kombu: Widely shaved and a little bit thick

● Tororo Kombu, Regular: Thinly shredded

● Tororo Kombu, Silky Soft: Very finely shredded

● Great for adding umami to Miso Soup, Ramen, Udon, Soba and for topping for salad and rice ball.

● Package unit: 500g

Battera Kombu / Shiraita Kombu

● Very thin peper-like Kombu sheet.

● It is a root part of Ma Kombu after shredding it for Oboro, Tororo, White Tororo Kombu

● Used for wrapping or topping after quick simmered (usually with vinegar)

● Package unit: 100 slices (1 slice is 18cm long)

Premium Shio Kombu

● Seasoned Kombu Strip made from Ma Kombu.

The outside dries while the inside remains soft giving it a wonderful texture.

Great for topping for salad, rice, ochazuke etc. 

● Package unit: 500g

Kombu Powder

● 100% natural, no additives, fine powder of natural Kombu

● Two different types

● Rishiri Kombu powder: Elegant Umami flavor and very sticky

● Rausu Kombu powder: Strong Umami flavor

● Package unit: 500g

Kissho Kombu

● Hand-crafted Ma Kombu with an auspicious shape using two pieces of Ma Kombu

● When boiled in water, it beautifully opens and blooms

● Great for Hot Pot dish or deep-fried Kombu

● Package unit: 50 pieces (1 piece is about 2g)

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